The Messenger Churchbot Jumpstart Kit

The Messenger Churchbot Jumpstart Kit Includes:

  • Church Chatbot Template Developed By Experts​

    Includes welcoming and friendly conversations, automations to respond to commonly asked questions automagically, Greeting Text, Welcome Message, Default Reply, Main Menu, and more!

  • Detailed Video Walk-Throughs and Instruction​

    Comprehensive video walk-throughs and instruction showing what this chatbot can do, easy-installation instructions, and how to edit the conversations to reflect your church's brand and message.

  • Technical Support​

    You're never alone. If you get hung up or have questions, we're always here to help you out!

  • Free Bonus: "How To Make Your Churchbot Work On Your Website" Action Plan

    Provide real-time chat and automated conversations with people at the moment their interest is at its highest. This free Action Plan shows you how, step-by-step!

Get EVERYTHING Your Church Needs To...

  • Automate Routine Conversations

    Provide instant, automated responses to frequently used words and questions, allowing people to self-serve and you to get your work done!

  • Have Deeper, More Meaningful Engagements With People

    Bring people into a conversation with your church, furthering your church's relationships with people.

  • Instantly Chat With People Rather Than Using Email Forms​

    Take questions and provide responses, exactly like a real conversation, leading people down a path of discovery and keeping them on your website. Jump in at any time with a real-time live chat.

  • Provide Purposeful Conversations Between People And Your Church​

    Whether in a live, real-time chat, or in an automated chatbot conversation, your Messenger chatbot helps people self-serve, ask questions, get answers, and builds relationships while creating authentic experiences with your church.

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